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PaulLaFontaine tritt zurück – Sulake Chef zieht ab!

Paul LaFontaine verlässt Sulake – der Rücktritt.
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After 15 months of leading the Habbo community it is time for me to hand my Staff badge to new leadership. My time as Paulwalla has been amazing, working with a group of industry veterans to support one of the most vibrant and energetic communities on the internet. We have had our ups and our downs together, and through it all Habbos have stood strong in being proud of their community and making it about friendship and fun. I’ve learned much and truly enjoyed engaging with the community. Whether our work to improve the community was popular, or controversial throughout we have heard clearly that Habbos understand their community and know what they want. The interaction has been important. The voice of the community is the strength of the community. Proof of this was clear in the summer. The community weathered a tremendous storm together, and Habbos stood strong. The way you reacted with one strong voice was inspiring. You will be left in good hands. Our new Community Team will lead Staff in the Hotel to serve you. Engagement will increase, and the spirit of Old Habbo will rise again.

All the best,
Paul LaFontaine

The whole Habbo Team thanks Paul for his inspiring leadership during his tenure proudly wearing the habbo badge and we will wish him all the best for the future. Together with Paul we have kept on listening to our users, the Habbo community – you are our stars. We keep learning from your feedback and during the coming year we will provide more of the classic Habbo features you love as well as continue developing new extensions to enhance the habbo experience, such as the recently launched Game Center and mobile application.

It will be an exiting year 2013 for the entire Community!

The Habbo Team

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